StrongLifting Course FAQ

The lessons and programs offered as part of this course will benefit personal trainers, lifters, and anyone interested in learning an effective strength-training system for getting stronger and looking their best.

StrongLifting and Booty by Bret are similar when it comes to exercise selection, program design principles, and the strength and physique gains you will experience while following the programs. However, the products are fundamentally different in many ways.

Put simply, StrongLifting is primarily a self-guided education product with programs while Booty by Bret is a community-based membership service with ongoing programs and coaching.

Remember, StrongLifting is a strength sport that has competitors test their one-rep max in the back squat, bench press, deadlift, military press, and chin-up. The StrongLifting course includes all the principles, methods, exercise tutorials, and programs needed to be successful in StrongLifting—whether your intention is to compete in a StrongLifting meet, get stronger with the six main lifts, use the programs to build your strength and physique, or simply expand your knowledge as a trainer and athlete. What’s more, the curriculum is broken into 78 lessons with descriptive articles, how-to videos, and programs, all of which are completely self-guided.

Booty by Bret, on the other hand, is a lot more personal in the sense that you’re getting monthly videos on the website with Bret coaching you through the workouts. The programs are also more adaptive because multiple options are provided, and there are moderators (Glute Lab coaches) that offer feedback. They can make modifications or substitutions to the program to suit your individual needs and circumstances, offer cues to ensure you’re performing the exercises safely and effectively, and address specific questions you may have while following the program. With Booty by Bret, you are part of a community of fellow lifters who are following the same program, so there’s an accountability and support component that is unique to the Booty by Bret membership.

Booty by Bret includes well-rounded programs that incorporate the same lifts as StrongLifting but with different accessory exercise options and glute emphasis. StrongLifting is a total body program that gives equal weight to all the main lifts—back squat, bench press, deadlift, military press, chin-up, and hip thrust—and is more skewed toward barbell variations and specialized equipment. The StrongLifting programs offered in the course are the same programs designed for the Glute Squad. However, Booty by Bret members will follow similar programs, in that they will train the six main lifts but in an alternating manner to ensure more focus is placed on the glutes.

You can certainly do both because StrongLifting is more of a self-guided education product whereas Booty by Bret is a community-based coaching membership with ongoing programs.

If you’re already a Booty by Bret member, then the programs your following will give you very similar results when it comes to strength and physique development (albeit with more glute emphasis). In other words, if you just want to follow a total body physique program and get bigger glutes—and get some personal coaching and accountability with a chat group—then Booty by Bret is your best bet.

But you can still reap the benefits of the StrongLifitng course because you will learn some of the principles and methods that underpin the Booty by Bret programs. This is essential for all personal trainers, curious lifters looking to expand their knowledge, and anyone who plans on competing in StrongLifting.

If you're only interested in StrongLifting, or you want to follow a program with more full-body strength and PR emphasis, then you should stick with the programs offered in this course.

While great for lifters, coaches, and judges who plan on participating in a StrongLifting event, this course is also great for anyone who wants to get stronger and improve their physique.

To compete, judge, and host a StrongLifting event, you must complete the Level 1 course and exam. You will also have the knowledge to coach and train for a StrongLifting competition—you will be able to teach the lifts, understand how to program the lifts for peak performance, and use the templates and guidelines to design highly effective strength and physique training programs.

You must get a 100 percent on the exam. This is to ensure a complete understanding of the rules and criteria and uphold the highest standard for competitors.

You can take the exam as many times as necessary to pass.

Yes, competitors are required to complete the course to register for an event. This is to certify a clear understanding of the rules, and ensure athletes have everything they need to train and succeed in StrongLifting.

Yes, you must successfully complete the lessons and pass the exam if you plan on judging or hosting an event.

Yes, this course is a continuing education provider for the following licensed organizations: NSCA, ACE, NASM, ACSM, AFAA, ISSA.

We will contact you using the registered email address. Remember, StrongLifting is still in its infancy. I plan to update this course as the system evolves and grows. So, expect new programs to get uploaded, exercises to get added, as well as potential updates to the rules. 

There is no deadline to complete the course, and you can progress at your own pace.

You will always have access to the content.

Yes, the qualification is available and recognized worldwide!

StrongLifting Level 1 is the only course that outlines how to collectively train and coach the six main lifts in StrongLifting. If you plan on competing in StrongLifting, then this is the only course that will teach you how to program, perform, and reach peak performance with the main lifts. If you're a trainer, this course will expand your education on exercise mechanics and program design—specifically, how to apply principles of progressive overload into a comprehensive full-body strength and physique training system using the PR Method. Finally, if you're simply someone who wants to follow an all-around strength-training system that will get you stronger and build your physique, this course will provide an easy-to-follow blueprint that will help you accomplish your strength and aesthetic goals.

What's more, Level 1 is mandatory for competitors and is the first step to hosting events and participating as a judge.